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Barnabas Collins Strikes at Hermes Press!

Posted by: vader at 6:42 pm on Monday, May 2, 2011

Hermes Press continues its archival reprint series of the classic Dark Shadows comic book with Dark Shadows-The Complete Original Series: Volume Two. Reprinting Dark Shadows #8-#14 by Gold Key, Volume Two continues the four-color adventures of vampire anti-hero Barnabas Collins on his quest to remove his dark curse and to restore order to the estate of Collinwood. On the way, he also has to deal with the lycanthropic Quentin Collins, as well as a threat from his own immortal past. Written by both Donald Arneson and Alvin Drake (Doom Patrol, Deadman), Dark Shadows was drawn by Joe Certa; Volume Two features masterfully painted covers by painter George Wilson, giving the series of a timeless pulpy look.

As director Tim Burton and actor Johnny Depp continue to develop their Dark Shadows feature film, you can experience the 1960s Dark Shadows in digitally remastered full color that is of a higher quality than the comic book’s original printing. Hermes Press continues to be haunted by Barnabas Collins and his supernatural ilk, as we gear up for future volumes of Dark Shadows.

Dark Shadows-The Complete Series: Volume Two
ISBN 1-932563-47-4; Full Color
Hardcover; 224 pages; reprints Issues #8-#14 of the Gold Key Comics series Dark Shadows; art by Joe Certa; stories by Donald Arneson and Arnold Drake; painted cover artwork by George Wilson


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