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DC Unlimited Twisted Metal: Black Sweet Tooth

Posted by: Captain Collector at 10:25 am on Monday, November 22, 2010

As Captain Collector, I have literally reviewed thousands of toys over the past ten years. However, I must admit that this is the first time that I’m reviewing an action figure based on a character I had a hand in designing personally. You see, in my previous life, I was a game designer, and I spent more than 2 years of my life creating the world of Twisted Metal: Black for Sony. I even developed and designed a line of action figures for them, which never saw the light of day nor pegs on a shelf. Not only will I be reviewing this latest offering from DC Unlimited, I’ll be showing the production sample of the version I produced.


First, let’s take a look at the new guy.  As the designer, I feel uniquely qualified to break down where this version succeeds or fails versus the game model.  Sometimes it can be hard to distance yourself to review such a thing, as in many ways Sweet Tooth feels like my own child. 

However, in this case, rest assured; he rocks.  This version shows excellent attention to even some of the smallest details, especially when it comes to his very distinctive mask.  The cracks, the eyes, the staps and buckles – they’re all where I remember them being.

He’s got the appropriate bulk and look of the serial killer clown with the flaming hairdo.  He includes a bloodied version of his butcher knife, and an ice cream cone.  He was never shown with the cone in the game, but it seems very appropriate. 

Sweet Tooth features two-way ball & pin shoulders (with a very good range of motion for DC direct), bicep swivels, elbows, wrists, neck, waist, hip, and limited ankle articulation.  Poaseability-wise, my only complaint would be his lack of knees and true ankles.

If I had to nitpick, and my gripes are minor, I think he’s a tad bit too tan (I always envisioned him fairly pale skinned), his chest is airbrushed a little TOO hairy, and the straps on his chest should be darker (like on his head), so that they don’t get lost with all that chest hair.  Additionally, he should have sould scars on his shoulders and torso, which are mysteriously missing.  Aside from this small points, I have to say they did a fantastic job.  I can only hope that he sells well enough that they consider making more of the characters, especially with the latest Twisted Metal game coming soon for PS3.  I’ve got a great pride in the work we did on this game and it’s characters, and I think that DC Unlimited has done an admirable job in bringing the homicidal clown to life in plastic.  He is currently stalking shelves at your local Toys-R-Us, for $16.99.  Daddy’s home, boys.


About the Author: Captain Collector
A veteran member of the toy journalism community for more than ten years, Steve "Captain Collector" Ceragioli has been an avid collector for four decades. Known for his honest reviews and vivid photography, he has written for some of the most prestigious action figure sites on the web. As a collector, Steve can often be found at local retail stores, hunting for the latest releases and meeting fellow collectors. Steve collects many of today's hottest toy lines, and he has a massive collection of vintage toys and knowledge. Cap brings a deep passion for the hobby along with him to AFHub!




  • The more I think about it, there was a promotional image of Sweet tooth sitting down by a puddle, holding the pink ice cream cone. The puddle shows a reflection, and the cone is
    Reflecting an image of the knife.

  • Joe says:

    Great review! I picked mine up at toys r us, so I appreciate the heads up about that. I have been wanting a sweet tooth figure since I was a kid so it’s so cool to finally have one. I remember seeing images of the original sweet tooth figure that you designed and I was so disappointed when they got canceled. To this day, I still check ebay to see if a proto-type ever pops up because that design was just so awesome! You are so lucky to have him and sealed no less!

    thanks again :)

  • Captain Collector Captain Collector says:

    I gave one prototype away to one of the designers at Palisades Toys years ago, and that one did end up on ebay. To date, none of the Mr. Grim samples I gave out have been listed on ebay. Maybe one of these days?!

  • Derek says:

    I was just wondering if anybody else has noticed that there’s a part on the front of the waist of Sweet Tooth’s pants that looks like it should have been painted brown with two silver buttons? Also I noticed four little buttons on the back of his head that I had to paint myself. I’m really thinking about painting that part on the front of his pants too.

  • […] to last week’s winner, Zach S, who was the only person to correctly identify the figure as Sweet Tooth from the videogame Twisted Metal, made by DC Unlimited. The other two guesses were for Humungus […]

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