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Ghostbusters Classics: Vigo Reviewed!

Posted by: Review-Or at 5:46 am on Friday, December 23, 2011

The Scourge of Carpathia, The Sorrow of Moldavia; Prince Vigo is the newest addition to Ghostbusters Classics available exclusively at Mattycollector.com. So is he truly a living work of art?  Let’s take a closer look…

Still missing his kitten.

The Scourge of Carpathia...

As you can see in the photos above, Vigo is one of the few Sculpts that doesn’t seem to have any shared parts in this line and great pains were taken to make his costume authentic to the one seen in the painting from the film (a very cool lenticular piece where the image of Vigo vanishes when viewed at certain angles).  Unfortunately, the paint applications leave the character a little flat.  Considering this is the same company that does Masters of the Universe Classics, an ancient Carpathian warlord should be right in there wheelhouse but there’s a softness in the coloring and general blah sort of paint by numbers vibe that makes this figure seem like a dressed up as Vigo, not Vigo.  Little things like making his hair the mixture of gray and blond it was in the film, or capturing his sneer correctly would have done wonders but instead the figure seems to be saying “Well, you demanded we make Vigo so here.” While the painting is a nice accessory it would have been much nicer with a frame or a stand at least but considering how successfully it pulls off the vanishing effect I can overlook that.  This note goes for Ghostbusters figures in general but Vigo definitely would have benefited from having his face fully painted or at leas to bring out the details a bit.  This will sound like nitpicking but I wish his face had been angled to where he’s just slightly looking down instead of straight ahead to give it that extra edge it desperately needs.  On the plus side he’s very well articulated and in scale with the other figures (Meaning he towers over the Ghostbusters as he should).

In scale right down to the huge melon on top of his neck.


Hopefully Dana and The Rookie will get slightly better treatment in the paint department but as it stands, we finally have Vigo and that counts for something.  Also,on the back of the lenticular paintin they did include the classic Rennaisance painting by Fettucini…

Prince Vigo is currently sold out on mattycollector.com but is shipping now, with any luck he’ll make it rather appropriately just in time for New Years Eve!



About the Author: Review-Or
Review-Or has been collecting Masters of the Universe action figures since they first became available in the early 80's. He's stuck with He-Man through his lowest points (MeteOrbs, New Adventures, Disco Skeletor, Smash Blade He-Man etc.) and he's happily reaping the rewards of the new golden age in MOTU collecting: Masters of the Universe Classics! When he's not in his dungeon writing about the latest MOTUC news, he's more than likely taking a figure out of the package and finding some cool way to display it! In his off time this mysterious contributor to AFHUB.COM enjoys counting calories and revising his ever-expanding Enemies List!



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