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Mattel Q&A – 8th batch of answers

Posted by: vader at 9:26 am on Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mattel’s Scott Neitlich (a.k.a. Toy Guru) sends us the 8th batch of answers to some of the questions fans have asked. Around the 1st and 15th of every month, Mattel provides us with official answers to several questions we have gathered from the online community. This is the latest batch…

AFHUB: Regarding DCUC – what is the procedure you use for determining which character gets to be the chase figure for a particular wave?

MATTEL: There isn’t an exact science to something like this. It is more of a process of looking at all the characters in the wave and reviewing logistically who would make the most sense to create a variant for. We also look at fan request lists and consult with DC, Warner Brother and the Four Horsemen when making these choices.

AFHUB: Regarding DCUC 3 – some of us are finding both Nightwing and Robin a little too muscular. Is there a chance that some adjustments can be done before he is released, like when you fixed Firestorm’s head?

MATTEL: Unfortunate we ran into some trouble with the Firestorm change which almost held the wave up (it did not) so we won’t be making any more changes at the last minute in the near future. The last thing we would want to do is hold a wave up or prevent fans from getting a particular figure.

AFHUB: Why did you choose Toyfare as your medium to release news about upcoming JLU/DCAU figures? Wouldn’t using the internet (through various toy community sites) give you a wider reach and coverage than a magazine that one has to pay for to read?

MATTEL: Although the internet has a wide readership, we partner with many of the fan magazines and trade shows, and as part of this partnership we try to offer some exclusive news and images to them. Many images and news bits will continue to be revealed first online, others will be given to magazines and shows. There are a lot of players in the pool and we do our best to give everyone a fair shot.

AFHUB: Since Mattel has the license to produce toys based on upcoming movies like The Dark Knight and Justice League (your Movie Masters line), is there a chance you will also be making toys from the Watchmen movie? If yes, can you give us some teaser info? If not, why not?

MATTEL: The Watchmen movie, along with other Vertigo and non DCU projects will be handled by DC Direct.

AFHUB: Pricing for the DCUC figures in the Philippines is still an issue. The official Mattel distributor has pegged it’s SRP at P900 per figure (approximately US$21.45 using today’s prevailing exchange rate). Is there anything the Mattel HQ can do about this to help the collectors? I mean, you do want us to buy as many figures as we can, right? We simply can’t do it at this price point.

MATTEL: Mattel offers suggested retail prices for all of our toys. It is up to individual retails to set their own prices.

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My personal thanks again to Scott Neitlich for keeping us posted.





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  • buffy says:

    Nice one bringing up the price point of the DC Universe figures to Mattel. I think Bankee is really exploiting collectors in Manila, and Mattel really needs to step in and call their attention!

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