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Mattel Q&A – 9th batch of answers

Posted by: vader at 10:16 am on Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mattel’s Scott Neitlich (a.k.a. Toy Guru) sends us the 9th batch of answers to some of the questions fans have asked. Around the 1st and 15th of every month, Mattel provides us with official answers to several questions we have gathered from the online community. This is the latest batch…

AFHUB: I have purchased the first wave of DCUC for my son and intend on buying the next 2 waves for him as well. My question and concern is: Does Mattel plan on making vehicles and play-sets for this line? I am unsure if I should invest in these figures only to have my son disappointed due to the fact that they won’t have any thing to interact with.

MATTEL: It is difficult to make vehicles and playsets based on a 6” line due to scale issues. A playset for a 6” figure would need to be huge and it is difficult to find a logistical way to bring something like this to retail.

We are exploring the possibility of vehicles and playsets for other DC lines. Look for some major announcements at Toy Fair in Feb!

AFHUB: When should we expect DCUC Wave 3 to hit store shelves? And when will we know what’s in waves 4 and 5?

MATTEL: Wave 3 should be out in mid May. Wave 4 will be revealed at NY Comic Con in April (and possibly Wave 5 as well…)

AFHUB: Are there gonna be DCUC 2-packs (ala DCSH) coming out soon? If yes, which characters can we expect to see? This seems like a good way to re-release previous figures from DCSH that were hard to find (like Azrael and Cyborg Superman) and even from the older Batman series (like Attack Armor and Bat Signal Batman).

MATTEL: These are great suggestions and something our design team has discussed in great detail. We don’t have anything to announce quite yet, but stay tuned….

AFHUB: I picked up my DCUC set but the Metamorpho torso had one damaged arm socket, which made attaching the left arm impossible. A friend of mine ended up with a Red Tornado sporting 2 left legs. My question is this – does Mattel offer a way for customers to get guaranteed replacements for damaged items like these? Sure, we can return it to the retail store but they are not always guaranteed to have a replacement on hand.

MATTEL: Please call the Mattel Customer Service Hotline at 1-800-524-8697 and they would be happy to address your friend’s issues.

AFHUB: Regarding “The Batman” figures: why does Mattel make them in inconsistent scales? Robin is a prime example – he is too big to go with the rest of the cast. Will you be making a properly sized Robin anytime soon?

MATTEL: The reason Robin is a bit large is simple- design logistics. If he was made in accurate scale to the show, there would not be enough plastic in his legs to hold up his body! Therefore adjustments were made.

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My personal thanks again to Scott Neitlich for keeping us posted.




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