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Mattel Q&A – August 15, 2011

Posted by: vader at 8:29 am on Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Here’s our latest round of Mattel Q&A.

Q: If the DCUC Club Infinate Earths doesn’t go through, will fan’s still have the chance to purchase those 3 awesome figures seen at Comic Con this year (Jay Garrick, Atrocitus and Starman) at some point?

A: Possibly in time but there is no guarantee at this point. Right now we are hoping to have enough subscribers to get this club going and get these figures into collectors’ hands.


Q: Another company (Eaglemoss) is offering their DC figurines at subscription but they have a line-up to show fans. Why can’t DC fans likewise have a sneak peek at the Club Infinite Earths exclusives to help them decide whether or not to subscribe?

A: Because the full year’s worth of figures is not sculpted or locked in yet/approved by the licensor yet.


Q: Will fans be able to expect more Legion characters, especially of the female Legionnaires? Or is the 12-pack all the Legion we’re ever going to get?

A: We have already revealed Starman for Club Infinite Earth’s. While not a female, this should indicate that yes, the 12 pack is not the be all end all of the Legion in DCUC!


Q: Will the DC Universe Classics line change its name now that DC Comics is relaunching/rebooting? What is the new name?

A: This will be revealed in time! While the name may possibly change, the quality and sculpting look will ideally stay the same.


Q: Will you be making JLU-style figures based on the new relaunched DC Universe?

A: At this time there has not been enough support from customers for further JLU items. We will keep an eye on the fall items to see how they do! We can only produce more JLU items if we can sell a min amount and so far only Lobo has done that. It is just not possible to produce more JLU for the very small (but very vocal) fan base.


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  • Lt. Clutch Clutch says:

    I’ve never felt sorrier for Mattel than I do now. I fully believe that this whole relaunch mess caught them by surprise much as it did comic readers. They’re probably waiting to hear which of the non-Trinity characters needs to be done first: Hal? Barry? Cyborg and the other re-visioned JLAers? Resurrection Man? Jim Lee’s creations? Think of those B and C-Listers getting their own books next month! I don’t blame them at all for being caught off guard.

    I also give them credit for making this agonizing wait a little easier to take by keeping our hopes alive in regards to Jay and the others. Heck, they’re even letting us know that there might be more Legion members on the way besides Thom! And the boxed set isn’t even OUT yet! They really, truly want DCUC to survive this actual Crisis. Despite what happens next, I won’t ever blame them for not trying.

    • Russ says:

      I agree, and I think it’s totally unfair that the fans are blaming Mattel for this one.

      Someone who’s currently working at DC right now even posted on the FB page of a friend of mine who works in the industry; even *he* said everything is a mess at DC’s office’s right now.

      Basically, NO ONE knows what’s going on right now.

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