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MOTUC: Wind Raider Review & Great News For New Collectors Jumping On Board!

Posted by: Review-Or at 8:23 am on Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wind Raider Box Art by Rudy Obrero

Perhaps one of the greatest things in the original 80’s Masters of the Universe line was the vehicles. The animal-like designs, the Kirby-esque tech details, that rough and tumble sturdiness, the over-the-top action features, the sci-fi fantasy decals…in short they truly encompassed everything Masters of the Universe was about. Go Big or Go Home. Therefore, when it was time to finally put a vehicle in the Masters of the Universe Classics line it had to be done right, a feat made even harder to accomplish after pictures of the 4H designed Battle Ram began leaking out of SDCC last year, it basically rocked. It also threw down the gauntlet and set the bar for what fans would be expecting…which was quite a lot. I’m happy to report that The Wind Raider (an update of one of the first vehicles in the vintage line) is beginning to arrive on collectors doorsteps and is not a disappointment. The pictures speak for themselves. The animalistic design? Sleeker and more highly detailed, look at the detailing on that dragon head capturing the spirit of the original but with a streamlined new look.

Behold: The Wind Raider!

The sci-fi decals? Now fully sculpted and painted directly onto the vehicle. You’re not going to have to worry about those long decals on the side peeling off or the vehicle getting wet. A brilliant design choice.

Fully Sculpted and Painted Decals!

Sturdy? Yeah it’s sturdy, heavy and thick luckily so is the awesome in-flight display stand included with it!

Check out the cockpit and the repair hatch on the side!

The range of motion on the stand is top notch allowing poses for diving, banking and climbing without losing balance!


Kirby-esque tech details? Better than ever with fully sculpted repair hatches and controls in the cockpits the figures can actually use. As you can see here, not only does the display stand allow it to look like the Wind Raider is banking, but look closely at He-Man in the cockpit and you’ll see that with the slightly softer plastic of the joysticks you can pose it where it actually looks like He-Man using the controls to make it bank in that direction!

Bank Right!

A bottom view of the vehicle shows us where anti-grav thrusters are and even twin laser cannons near the front wheel!

Bottom View

Bottom View (minus wings)

Action feature? Surprisingly, in a line that has publicly sworn off action features on numerous occasions, the Wind Raider not only kept it’s original one (The grapple and turning dragon-head winch) but improved it! The grapple is now spring loaded and launched with the click of a nearby trigger as opposed to the original which was simply attached on a peg and then removed for grappling. As if all of this wasn’t enough, it comes in a box with a Man-At-Arms blue print on the back and some epic new box art on the front done by legendary Rudy Obrero who did the box art on the original Wind Raider (as well as Castle Grayskull and many others)!

Designed by Duncan!

Though I admit, I was personally a bit disappointed to learn that we wouldn’t be getting the awesome looking 4H Battle Ram first, after getting my hands on the Wind Raider I am definitely satisfied with the choice to lead with this vehicle. Though nothing is planned for 2012, I certainly hope this is the first of many new MOTUC vehicles to come and that all of them hit the incredible standard this one sets. The Wind Raider was available exclusively at mattycollector.com and is currently SOLD OUT, but I have a hunch that like Battle Cat and Panthor before it, this Wind Raider will pop up again eventually.

Speaking of which, this is a perfect time for new collectors to jump on the MOTUC bandwagon since it was recently announced by Matty that core characters He-Man, Skeletor, Panthor and Battle Cat will be available YEAR ROUND!  As if that’s not enough, in January the monthly figure will be the long awaited Sorceress  and the never before produced but oft theorized about Fearless Photog!  But wait, there’s more! A terrible trio of fan favorites will also be making their return in January Mer-Man, Faker and Battle Armor Skeletor!  If you know someone who’s dying to collect MOTUC but doesn’t know where to start: January is the time!


About the Author: Review-Or
Review-Or has been collecting Masters of the Universe action figures since they first became available in the early 80's. He's stuck with He-Man through his lowest points (MeteOrbs, New Adventures, Disco Skeletor, Smash Blade He-Man etc.) and he's happily reaping the rewards of the new golden age in MOTU collecting: Masters of the Universe Classics! When he's not in his dungeon writing about the latest MOTUC news, he's more than likely taking a figure out of the package and finding some cool way to display it! In his off time this mysterious contributor to AFHUB.COM enjoys counting calories and revising his ever-expanding Enemies List!



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