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SaveDCUC.com – a Campaign to Help Save the DCUC action figure line

Posted by: vader at 4:10 pm on Saturday, August 13, 2011

Yesterday, Daniel Pickett, Ryan Prast (Julius Marx and The Superfly of Action Figure Insider respectively) and I were exchanging emails, just tossing ideas on how we might be able to rally fellow collectors into pulling a last ditch effort to try and prevent the demise of the DC Universe Classics line. That’s, of course, in addition to the obvious act of buying the subscription. The end result was SaveDCUC.com – a web site aimed at getting fellow collectors and toy sites to help get the word out to SAVE DCUC.

Please help us get the word out. Share the link with your friends, join the Facebook page and lastly, please order a subscription.


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  • Lt. Clutch Clutch says:

    Done on all counts. You know, the more DC pushes their relaunch, the more I’m convinced that this whole thing is going to end like the ’78 Implosion. They’re already soliciting a hardcover collection of all 52 #1 titles (for over a hundred bucks) to mark the event. There’s stuff in there which can’t possibly last a year! And getting Mattel to drop their plans for DCUC in 2012 so all these redesigned characters can take their place? It’s even worse than the Skittles wave. DC is literally betting over 75 years of history on an all or nothing crap shot. It’s just unbelievable.

  • Stevie says:

    It’s a such a shame to see this line die off, but I for one don’t want to have to spend even more on collecting essentially the same figure but with a different head.

    The poor character line up of the last few waves and the constant reused body has finished DCU’s run. Yeah I would have loved a Jay Garrick figure but Mattel decided to make a Black Vulcan instead, oh and a few different coloured Hal Jordans.

    Mattel doesn’t have to go this route, I’m sure that they’re not short of money. If they wanted to keep DCU running they could.

    It seems a bit rough that Mattel is now putting pressure on the collectors to pay up or lose out.

    We lost Marvel Legends and we may may lose DCU, but we’ll survive and another line will pop up and we will buy that.

    You never know maybe Shocker toys Indie spotlight might make it past series one!

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