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SDCC Exclusive Batmobiles

Posted by: vader at 10:31 am on Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mattel just sent us the photos and details of the highly anticipated SDCC exclusive Batmobiles by Hotwheels. There are 2 versions to watch out for – 1:18 and 1:64. Scroll to the end of the article and click on the link for more close-up photos.

Click for bigger picture.

Click for bigger picture.

1:18 1966 Flocked Batmobile

  • The first 1966 Batmobile ever in the 1:18 scale
  • Total made 525 units (only 450 will be at comicon)
  • Individually numbered – 1 of 525, 2 of 525, etc.
  • $300 each
  • Cash Only
  • Not available on preview night
  • Will sell 100 per day – 50 at 10:30 and 50 at 2 pm
  • 1 per person for the show

1:64 1966 Batmobile

  • Only 8000 made – hard plastic case
  • 3,500 will be available on Hotwheelscollectors.com the week after comicon (will be slightly high priced due to shipping and handling)
  • 4,500 at comicon
  • $20 each
  • Will sell approx 1000 a day – 500 at 10:30 and 500 at 2 pm
  • 200 for preview night
  • 1 per person per day


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  • JR says:

    I purchased one of these at the show, and when I sat down away from the hecktic show floor, my heart sank when I took a closer look! The pin stripe paint job was terrible! It seems that when the pulled the masking tape for the pin stripes the paint came off with the tape. So the pin stripes had jagged lines. certainly noty worth 300 bucks! I got my money back since it was not limited to the one I had purchaed. I hope the follow on production units do not have this flaw.

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